Check Out Your Artwork


Photo from: Rachael Reagan

The art festival is coming to Lake City this April! On April 15th, students will have an opportunity to show off their art skills that they continually improve with each class they attend. Mrs. Asher, Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Chapman’s students will provide a lot of artwork to see. From sculptures, to painting, to drawings galore, not only are the students showing off their skills, but the art teachers get to show off how their students improve throughout the course. There will be many masterpieces to see that have been created by Freshmen through Seniors.

All of these exceptional artwork pieces take time and effort, frustration and  persistence, so come out to the show and support these wonderful students and their work. The festival starts at 5 PM and ends at 8 PM. It will be located at Lake City in the commons, so there will be plenty of time to browse through the art work and see many of the student who have created the pieces. You can stay the entire time or just drop in. Either way, this festival is a great chance to explore new pieces of art and get inspired!