Hot or Not: Spring 2014


Within each generation, there are always styles that some people love, while others absolutely cannot stand! This spring has brought many new and quirky styles to the fashion world, including bucket hats, camo prints, and combat boots. These styles have risen to popularity quickly, probably due to social media or even weather influences. Some have even been brought back from past decades in a more fresh and modern way. Others are brand new to us; the combat boot trend has changed from being used in a work environment to a bold, yet versatile, fashion statement. Even the “bucket hat,” which fishermen often used, is now being worn as casual and school appropriate attire. However, it is debatable how attractive these new trends actually are.

“Bucket hats are okay for the older aged community, but not for the youth.” states sophomore Bailey C. Although they are different, bucket hats are a very strange and unorthodox garment. Another large fashion statement is the beanie; people wear beanies many different ways on top of their heads . “They’re nice to wear as long as they wear it right,” states sophomore Simon N. Beanies can also be worn with many different outfits and also suit the weather when it’s cold out.

Camo has become very popular also. With camo as a main color in sweatshirts, vans, hats and much more, you’re very likely to see camo more often than not around town .This year provided us with many new and bold fashion statements, it will be interesting to see what appears over the next year.