Dealing With Bees This Summer

Many have noticed that last summer for the Coeur D’Alene area had a very high bee population. With the mild spring we have been having, this year will probably be no exception. It’s hard to eat outside or do yard work with these pesky insects annoying you the whole time. During the summer months, here are some ways to tackle the excessive bees.

An easy method is the meat on a stick method. First take a hot dog or other meat and impale it with a stick. Then put it over a bucket of water and place the bucket in your yard, away from where you are. The meat will attract tons of bees to come and gorge themselves on the meat until they are too full to fly away. Then they will fall into the water. This is an easy, cheap, safe, and effective way of bee control.

Another good method is torches. These are little gas powered torches you can stand on your porch. The bees will smell the smoke, and that will make them think a forest fire is coming. This will entice the bees to stay in their nests.

If you walk around your backyard, you may find a nest. If the nest is small, wait until sunset and spray it with some long-range wasp and hornet killer. If the nest is large and/or contains bald-faced hornets or yellow  jacket wasps, don’t go near them, those are highly aggressive. Call an exterminator instead. Hopefully, this will be some good information to sting those bees back this summer.