Captain America


Photo from: Wikimedia Commons

Chris Evans on set as they film the movie Captain America.

Captain America was released on April 4, 2014, and it has been booming. As of April 14,  $162,345,947 has been made on the movie Captain America the Winter Soldier, and the movie budget was originally 170 million dollars. According to Internet Movie Database (IMDb), people gave the movie an average rating of  four out of five stars, and Rotten Tomatoes gave a four and a half out of five for the movie. This movie has  become popular, and so has the main character, “Captain America,” portrayed by Chris Evans. The actor started out as a kid in theatre performing in plays and getting a thrill of the action. Going from camps to casting internships, he quickly showed Hollywood what he was capable of.

This movie is a sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger. This film goes into the life of Steve Rogers after as he tries to live a normal  and modern life in D.C. When a friend is in need, he  gives up the normal life and jumps in to help. With a new character in the movie, Captain America has to save the world again. This action filled movie has gotten many people out of the house and into the theatres.