What’s Acceptable For School?


Photo from: Makenna Tex

Kim showing off her tank top straps.

As the weather improves, the clothing changes dramatically. From sweaters to tank tops, and jeans to shorts. How someone feels about the weather is very much expressed by what they wear.  Bright colors, sunglasses and flip flops come out with the sunshine.

So with the weather changing, what’s acceptable for school? Here at Lake City, girls are often told tank tops are not allowed.  The question I believe that runs through every girls mind is “What’s so attractive about shoulders?” Yes, tank tops do show a larger amount of skin than a regular shirt. However, the guys dress code is way more lenient, by the fact that they can have more variation, even though they show just as much as a girl would.  When it comes to bro tanks, girls often feel upset that they can not wear something of the  same exposure. A guy has just as attractive of arms and shoulders if not more attractive. . “

Cleavage can make it more harsh for certain people”

— Makenna Textor

” says sophomore, Makenna T.  On another note, I personally feel happier when i’m wearing clothing that expresses summer.

On the flip side, it is understandable why having  a school dress code is very important.  As a school we should look respectful, and appropriate for working in a class room.  Having a set dress code helps to make a healthier learning environment. There’s many reasons why we have these rules, however they might need some revising.