Escape Reality And Read


Photo from: Haylee Cripe

Sword fighting, romance, midnight horrors, and anything that you imagination could possibly think of.  We are talking about books.  As a kid you read books to teach you how to read certain words and help you in the long run.  Have we lost our sense of adventure?  Books create a new world, no matter who you are or what you do for one instance you could be a princess waiting for her prince charming or a witch casting spells over the world.  Books are an amazing thing and create an escape from reality.  Finding a good book is simple.  You could simply go to your school library and check out the one book that sparks your interest.  If you love books then maybe start a book club or get your friends to read the book that you just finished in a night because you couldn’t put it down. A book opens up a new universe to you and puts you in other people shoes.  They maybe a helpful source. They can be adventurous or romantic or even helping you with your next big essay.  No matter what books will be in your life. Now go explore into the land of books.