Keeping On Track


Photo from: Isabel Colby

It’s that time of the year again; grades are slipping, students are skipping, teachers and parents are grieving. The end of the school year is growing nearer and nearer and as it does students begin to care less and less. Students are starting to focus more on summer break than their grades and it shows. Not all students are losing focus, for instance, some are wanting to get good grades but don’t do the work necessary to get those good grades. This is a problem that has been around for so long but has yet to be solved. Hopefully, this article will be able to provide important and useful information for keeping on track.

1. Write out a schedule. Take a few minutes and plan out a study and work schedule. Write down how long to work on homework, break times, meal times, sleep, etc. Remember, schedules aren’t for everybody and must be continuous to be efficient.

2. Form a study group. Gather up some friends and spend at least one day a week studying and doing homework. This way it might feel more like you are hanging out with friends, rather than just studying by yourself. Be sure that the study group consists of people who will be able to focus on the work instead of goofing off.

3. Prioritize. Organize which assignments are more difficult or will affect your grades the most. Complete those assignments first, take a small break if needed, then complete the rest of the assignments.

Hopefully this was helpful in some way and you guys will use this information to your advantage!