Pain in the Brain

Headaches, nobody enjoys them but most everybody gets them. Headaches and migraines are problems that have been occurring for plenty of years. There are plenty of methods out there for getting rid of them from putting your hands and feet in cold water to taking medication. For those of you aren’t particularly fond of medication, like myself, effective methods can sometimes be difficult to find. Some of the suggested approaches are completely ridiculous, some don’t work and some aren’t very easily affordable. Everybody is different and so is just about every headache. Certain methods may be more helpful for one person than the next. Here are a few methods to rid yourself of a pesky headache.

Cool it Down

Fill a container with cool water. Put your hands and feet in the water. Doing this has been said to pull some of the blood from your head and bring it to the other parts of your body, considering blood helps regulate body temperature. The blood will generally go to the areas that need heated, thus why the water must not be warm or hot. Using one container is, of course, optional. If you wish then use as many containers as you please.


Just drink plenty of water and other fluids. However, try to steer clear from caffeine products.


Go to a quiet, peaceful place, get comfortable and rest for a bit. This method will usually take longer, but as a bonus it can help relieve stress. If lying around and waiting for the headache to go away isn’t your “style” then try using a cool compress. For those readers that do not know what a cool compress is, it can be anything from a damp cloth to an ice pack wrapped in cloth or paper towels. Place the compress on your forehead and wait for the magic to happen!

(Note: These methods may or may not work, there are no guarantees and these are just suggestions.)