Silverwood Welcomes Visitors

The 2014 summer season is kicking off, and that means that Silverwood, Idaho’s largest amusement park, is opening it’s gates to visitors from all over the world this weekend. To celebrate the first weekend being open, the park is charging a reduced admission price of $19.88 per person in order to honor the original opening year of Silverwood in 1988.

The park features four large roller coasters, a water park (which opens May 31), and a kid-friendly section as well. This year, the park owners spent over $1.2 million in expansion costs, and are installing three new rides on a piece of land three quarters of an acre away from the family ride section.

Many are excited for this opening weekend, and can hardly wait to spend a day of fun inside the popular amusement park that has drawn in over 10 million people since it’s grand opening in 1988. “I’m excited because the recent nice weather will give the park a super good turnout,” says sophomore Kim H. This Saturday should be a big day for the park!