Bringing Back the 80’s


Photo from: Olivia Norgarden

Teenagers are starting to bring back the ‘80’s’ look, bright colors and funky hair do’s. They are bringing back legwarmers, and leggings. Each of the styles in the 80’s meant something; such as big earrings symbolized you had status and wanted to be noticed. It is said that the 80’s is a very fashionable and bright generation of clothing, and that they can make it back to your closet at any time!

In Lake City High School, you can spot girls wearing large earrings, have puffed up hair, or are just wearing extremely bright clothes. You can also see guys who wear baggy pants with a lot of zippers(yeah they are more of a new style too but close enough). As each day goes by you can see the progressing in 80’s styles. Bring back the fun, bright, and colorful days! Even add your own little twist to it. Like with fingerless gloves, you could wear the netted gloves that are fingerless instead.

The 80’s was one of the best years to express yourself, it is a great way for everyone, teachers, students, parents, or just anyone to express their emotions and it doesn’t involve too terribly much effort. You can always add a little 80’s to your wardrobe and bring back the colorful, punk rocker styles that use to be a huge hit. It is almost a fun way to learn history about something, just by expressing yourself through what you wear is bringing back the old times. Stop caring what people say and be yourself, that is all that really matters is to be yourself.