Do You Go On Vacations?

Do you ever think about how some people don’t have as many opportunities as you? Not everyone can go on vacation because not everyone can afford it. Money is an issue in many families. Many people like to talk about their vacations in detail and don’t realize that some people cannot go on vacations, and hearing about it can be depressing for them.

34% of Americans can’t afford to go on vacations. 10% go on two to four vacations a year. 38% of Americans travel to other places in America. Only 2% of americans travel to Europe for their vacations.

So you see a lot of Americans can’t and those who can,  but can only travel to places in the US. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes when you talk about doing something somebody else can’t, you can hurt someone’s feelings. So you should think about how some people feel before going and talking about how fascinating your vacation was.

That doesn’t mean don’t talk about it, it is just saying that people have feelings. Some of your close friends may also be hurt by your talk, but will hide their true feelings from you.