Help! Intellectuals Needed!

That’s right, Lake City Scholastic Team is on the hunt for new recruits! The year is coming to an end and scholastics is long over, however it will start back up next October. That doesn’t mean that they have to wait to recruit until next year though, right? Scholastics, or Knowledge Bowl, is basically a trivia competition with questions from even the anatomy of butterflies to having to solve an equation. Anyone can join, but dedication is vital.

The scholastic team competes in Science Bowl as well, where the rules change a bit. Instead of hitting a buzzer and answering the question, one must press a buzzer and wait to be called on before answering. There are also different types of questions, primarily focusing on science as implied in the title of the competition. Science Bowl questions can also be multiple choice or short answer (Possibly a sentence long answer). The multiple choice answers are W, X, Y and Z, rather than A, B, C and D. It’s different, yes, but different doesn’t mean bad.

The scholastic team is run by Lake City’s own Mr.Tekverk, a science and geology teacher, located in room C5. If you have any questions then feel free to scurry on over to his class and ask away! Be sure that you ask when he is not busy with a class!