Prime Summer Destinations

With summer quickly approaching, many are looking for places to travel. Although Coeur d’Alene is a destination for tourists from all over the world, residents of the city may enjoy “getting away” to a different or more favorable spot. The options are endless; from tropical islands to snowy peaks, almost anybody can travel anywhere around the world whenever they please.

One of the most commonly thought of place when the word “vacation” is brought up is Hawaii. Hawaii is a chain of eight islands located in the central Pacific Ocean, and has the 4th largest amount of coastline in the United States. This state provides much diversity to the traveler, and many activities to ensure the trip is never boring. Volcanic eruptions are common here, and tourists can visit marked eruption sites and craters. Also, one can immerse themselves in the vibrant Hawaiian culture that the natives provide. The warm climate, gorgeous beaches, and surrounding of marine life is appealing to almost anybody looking to take some time to themselves.

Another prime destination for the common traveler is California. California has a diverse environment is appealing to all types of people and explains why this state is nicknamed “the Golden State”. From locations ranging from sunny coastline beaches to well-maintained ski resorts in the mountain ranges, visitors can choose the city which they stay at depending on their personal preferences. The capital, Sacramento, is a large urban city where people can shop, dine, and stay in comfort and luxury if they choose. However, the Central Valley is a great destination for those who enjoy agricultural surroundings or vineyards. Seaworld is a popular amusement park for tourists who are fascinated by marine life. With so many options for you to choose, California is a good choice for vacation if you are a little more decisive in where you want to be during your trip.

California and Hawaii are great places to visit due to the warm weather, interesting people, and variety of environments that people living in Northern Idaho may find extremely interesting and fun. New and different activities can be introduced to tourists in these destinations that they may not be able to participate in elsewhere. The most important part of your summer vacation, however, should be that you relax and have the time of your life while you are there!