Creature You Didn’t Know Existed

Creatures lurk in every corner of the world, but do we really know what is out there?  Everyday a new creature is found in this world.  Left and right we are finding a new kind of breed of animals. We have to stop and think ‘what made this animal evolve into what it is today?’  Maybe we found something that existed millions of years ago.  In Georgia a shrimp fishermen caught the ugly but rare goblin shark.  This beast lives 1,000 to 3,000 feet under the dark depths.  This creature was 1,000 pounds and 18 ft.!  They have only found one other of these creatures and are awaiting another sighting of this ugly shark.

People also discovered a hummingbird hawk-moth. This creature is found all around Britain.  They tend to love flowers and will come back to the same flower every day at the same time. What an interesting creature! New animals come into the world every day and we need to find them all.  Another interesting creature is the Venezuelan poodle moth.  This thing is so cute and you can hold it in your hands.  They found this creature in the Gran Region of Venezuela.  It is white and fuzzy and was discovered in 2009.  Animals are found every day and there are many more to be found.  So if you see a new animal or bug go out and take a picture and see if this is a new animal.