How Much Are You Going to Spend This Year?


Photo from: Rachael Reagan

This year on Sunday, May 11, it is time to make your mother feel special. Mother’s Day is a celebration of your mother and the role she has played in your life. This year is a special year because it marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day being an official holiday. Statistic Brain has done a study that found that in America, families spend $14.6 billion on gifts to lavish on their mothers. We spend $671 million on cards alone, and an extra $1.9 billion on flowers.

It’s great if you can get your mother these expensive gifts, but we don’t all have the money to spend a $40 flower bouquet or the fancy chocolates. This year you can get your mom something cheap or free and she will love it! On it gives some ideas on what you can get your mother that won’t break the bank. First on the list is a basket from the Dollar Store. Go in and buy some little things like soaps, lotions, maybe even some kitchen items, and then put them in a basket for your mother. Second on the list is something many kids did when they were little, but just forgot about: coupons. You can make a coupon for your mom so that she can trade in for a night you make dinner or a day you wash the dishes. You may not like doing something like this, but is a simple way to make your mom smile. There are plenty of ways to make your mom smile on her special day, so think outside of the box this year and make it exceptional.