Too Young For Prom?

Prom is the dance that everybody looks forward to most. The elegant and fun event takes place every year for the class of juniors and seniors. However, many underclassmen argue that they should be able to have their own prom; if the seniors and juniors have their own, why don’t they?

“I think having our own prom would be fun because it’s not only for the upperclassmen. When they have their own prom over, they brag about it and some sophomores and freshman feel left out.” says freshman Kenzii R. Many underclassmen feel strongly about having the right to their own prom. Not only would having separate dances for all grades be more inclusive of the other grades, but it would be a great way to generate money for fundraising each of the class funds.

Some upperclassmen may argue that since they’ve been attending Lake City for a longer time that they reserve their own right to celebrate in a special way, and prom will no longer be special if each class had their own dance. However, having dances will let all ages enjoy a fun night special for their own class. Good memories can be made at any age- it’s not right to say who and when people can have fun.