PicMonkey Photo Editor

PicMonkey Photo Editor

Photo from: Juliana Benitez

We take a lot of pictures nowadays. In this day and age, we are constantly recording what’s going on in our lives through the use of cameras. Often times, we want to add something special to our photos, though. There’s a lot of ways to do this. Instagram filters are popular, and if you want to do something a bit more specific, or add new elements (like a dinosaur), Photoshop is a good choice.

However, Photoshop costs money. A good alternative is PicMonkey. For PicMonkey, you don’t have to sign up. You just pick a picture that you’ve saved to your computer and upload it to PicMonkey. Then you can do a multitude of things, such as change the background to a lovely depiction of deep space. You can also add makeup to pictures of yourself or your friends.

You can change color tones of your pictures too. For example, you can give a picture a more yellow tint, or maybe a colder tint. You can change the high and lowlights, giving the picture a more dramatic look. You can also add certain aspects, such as adding sparkles or star shapes to pictures.

PicMonkey is a cheap and fun way to play around with pictures! Have fun and use your imagination!