Juniors, What Are Your Ideas?

Sweatshirt contest for the class of 2015.

Photo from: Rachael Reagan

Sweatshirt contest for the class of 2015.

Juniors, the time has come for you to design your senior sweatshirts! Do you have the artistic ability to design a sweatshirt that is interesting and unique? If you think that you have what it takes, then come up with an amazing idea and submit your idea to Ms. Cook in Room D2. Ideas are due on May 20th, so get rolling on your ideas and submit them.

Many sweatshirts in the past, have the students’ names that are in the class, the year that class graduates, and also something significant to class. The design should be a clean cut idea that is easy for people to see, but don’t let that limit your creativity.  Make sure your design relates to the majority of the class and that it’s a fun and original design.  If you haven’t liked what you have seen with the past class sweatshirts, then make and submit your design to change what your sweatshirt will look like. Make theses sweatshirts something you will want forever and that everybody in your class can cherish. Remember the designs are due on May 20th, so get them to Ms. Cook as soon as you can.