College Graduates Before The Age Of 18


Photo from: Madi Rowley

NIC Breakfast

We’ve had years and years of school, and it all pays off in June of our senior year. Students have waited and waited for this day to come, but what if it could be more than just a high school graduation?

It can be! Instead of just graduating from high school, here at Lake City we have students who are graduating not only from Lake City, but also from NIC. Students who have completed this major achievement will be graduating on Friday, May 16th. These students will be graduating with either their Associates Of Science Degree, or their Associates Of Arts Degree.  The graduation will take place at NIC, at 10 a.m.

Brooke Erickson(AS)

Amber Ferguson(AS)

Lyndsey Johnson(AS)

Carli Osika (AS)

Madison Rowley(AS)

Amelia Schwaab (AA)

Many students may be curious how they too can graduate from NIC around the same time that they graduate from Lake City.  Student’s that are interested in this program would first need to talk to their counselor, then meet up with one of NIC’s Dual Credit advisors, and then become a full time student at NIC.  It’s a lot of work to get done, however it will pay off in the long run. Congratulations to all of you graduates from us here at Timberwolf Times.