NIC Wind Symphony Celebrates Mother’s Day


Photo from: Simon Nilges

For this year’s Mother’s Day, The NIC Wind Symphony did a grand performance with the NIC Cardinal choir. This was the last performance for the symphony for the semester, so it was made to be a finale of sorts.

The Wind Symphony, as usual, started with the national anthem. Then they played 4 pieces, including the beautiful “Over the Clouds and to the Heavens,” which was arranged by a Coeur D’Alene resident!

After that, the choir was introduced and they performed 4 more pieces, including a very caring song called “I could give you music,” and a capella arrangement of the “William Tell Overture.” The final piece returned to patriotism with the very grandiose “America the Beautiful.”

This was a truly outstanding performance by the NIC Music Department. They really outdid themselves this time. Now it is just a matter of time before next semester starts and we’ll get to see another performance!