Outdoor Learning

Some days going to school is hard. Day after day, we have to look at the interior of the school and remember the assignments we’ve procrastinated on or how much we have to study. It can quickly and easily become stressful. Staring out of the window during class to the sunny, blue skies from behind the glass can seem depressing and make you eager for summer to arrive. However, what if we took the learning outside?

Outdoor learning is much more enjoyable than sitting in one building for 6 hours each day. The nice, warm sunlight is a great motivator for students to work diligently while participating in normal school activities . If more teachers took their classes outside more often, kids would be more excited to attend their class. Learning is easier when it’s fun.

There are activities to do outside that are potentially a great demonstration of lessons. “Simple things, like reading a book, would even be nice to do outside,” says sophomore Kim H. Sometimes it’s nice to get a break from the usual classroom setting and switch to an alternative backdrop.

A study conducted by researchers from the California Institute of Technology and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles stated that brains in a relaxed state can better recall new information given to the individual. Spending time outside is a great relaxation method and can help with the learning process. Time would be much better utilized outside because students would learn much more efficiently.

With students anxious for summer, outside education is a good option that has added benefits. Teachers should consider going out of the building next time a lesson allows it.