Something Exciting!


Photo from: Kimberly Hutchins

Makenna T observing a tree. She’s probably thinking “Yep, that’s definitely a tree.”

With the weather warming up, students are often found complaining to their teachers: “Take me outside” they say, or “Vitamin D makes you happy.” With that, the upcoming news of having interactive classes excites most students. Next year, 2015, a multitude of new classes will be offered here at Lake City. However, these aren’t your regular classes.

These classes will provide students to learn in a more interactive way, Math and Science will be outside where students can use real skills on real life objects. “These classes are a good opportunity, but i wish they were offered for AP classes also“ states sophomore Makenna T.

These classes will be very different than other Math or Science classes, and students seem to be pleased with what they’re hearing. “It’s a great experience for kids who want something different than the regular Lake City routine” says sophomore Simon N. These classes will eliminate the feeling of being trapped indoors all day and hopefully provide students with a great learning experience. Lake City hopes to hear good feedback, and hopefully be able to provide more classes like this in the future. Students will need to talk to their counselors to find out more information on these classes.


These classes are a good opportunity, but i wish they were offered for AP classes also.

— Makenna Textor