Up Next, SUMMER!


Photo from: Makala Vincent

For nine and a half months we have been locked down at LCHS; next up is summer! Everyone is so eager to get out of this building, throw their shorts, sunglasses and bathing suits on, and bake in the sun! Cold drinks, beach parties, friends, camping, and swimming; how could this get any better? 2014 summer is going to rock.

Of course, not everybody is going to be enjoying the summer sun, some people are going to have to “enjoy” sitting in a desk for another couple of weeks if either they don’t pass their EOCA or if they have F’s in some or all of their classes.

What is the best part about summer? The best part, in many opinions, is staying up late and sleeping all morning, others say it is spending time with friends and family. The summer sun is going to be hot, hot, hot so make sure you wear lots of sunscreen, as well as hats to protect your face.

Also, remember that as peaceful and amazing as it is, staying in the sun for too long can cause health problems or humiliation such as nasty sunburns, dehydration, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and a rare condition called water intoxication, so remember to stay in the shade at some points, wear protective lotions like sunscreen, and drink lots of water! Only less than a month and summer is here! Stay safe!