Poetry is a great way to express yourself. As long as there has been language, there has been poetry. Poetry can rhyme and have a rhythm, or it can have neither of those, or only one. Poetry can often be set to music. All songs that have lyrics are arguably poems.

Writing poetry can seem difficult or daunting at first. This is not the case. Sure, some poems, such as sonnets or haikus, have a certain rhyming or syllable pattern. However, many forms of poetry, such as freestyle, do not have these restrictions. Poems can be a great way to write about your emotions. Best of all, your poems do not have to be particularly good if you are just writing for yourself.

Some famous poets include Emily Dickinson, Rudyard Kipling, and Shakespeare. Emily Dickinson’s poems usually involve her feelings of depression, illustrated in works such as “Started Early–Took My Dog” in which the narrator attempts to drown herself. Rudyard Kipling’s works often involve themes of bravery, such as his poem “If,” which is about what a man really is. Shakespeare is, of course, famous for his sonnets. Many of his sonnets are love poems, and very romantic love poems at that.

Poetry can be intimidating to get into. There’s a lot of history behind it, and many forms, and it ties into many different cultures. However, if you just start looking, you can find–or create–many different and beautiful poems. And of course, poetry is not for everyone. If poetry isn’t your cup of tea, no problem! There are hundreds of other beautiful ways for you to express yourself.