Congrats, You Did It!


Photo from: Jen Rowley (Mother of Madi)

Madison Rowley after graduation.

The recent article, “College Graduates Before The Age Of 18” talks about the students who excelled beyond belief this year. Our six Lake City students have finally done it, they graduated from North Idaho College. These students spent their Junior/Senior year working especially hard in order to receive their Associate of Arts or their Associate of Science degree. They graduated on Friday, April 16th, at North Idaho College.

Madison Rowley was one of the students that graduated Friday. She describes the feeling of graduating from NIC with her Associate of Science as a feeling of relief with a good head start to where she wants to be. Rowley states that you definitely need dedication to achieve graduating in the Dual Credit Program. She recommends Philosophy as a fun class to take for any new students.  Because Madi graduated with her Associate of Science, she will go into her regular college career as a junior at 18. She will also have different options including dorms, classes and other things that she wouldn’t be able to choose if she hadn’t received her A.S. beforehand.

These students have accomplished more than the average high school student. Their choices will help them create a successful future for themselves. Congratulations to you all.