Welcome Back Students! 2014-2015


Welcome back to Lake City High School.

First day of school for some may have seemed pretty overwhelming with everyone in the commons at once, but eventually that will become normal and it’ll be easier for some of you to point out a friend in the crowd. For me, it was very exciting to see old faces and new faces at Lake City this year. We have the Senior class of 2015, Junior class of 2016, Sophomore class of 2017, and Freshman class of 2018. This school year is going to be amazing, filled with lots of fun events to go to such as; football games, dances, volleyball matches, soccer games, baseball and softball games, track meets, lacrosse, and many more. There are also a variety of clubs you can join this year, which you are very welcomed to join at any point in the year! There are even some brand new staff members with us this year! All of our teachers, janitors, librarians, and office ladies are very excited for this school year, and are very open to helping you out with any questions you may have. If you happen to have a question that a faculty member cannot answer (which happens) than you can always ask a friend or an upper class man.

Lake City is a school full of wonderful people and is always open for some new brains that our teachers can start picking and prodding at to help you learn! This is Lake City’s second year of being an online newspaper, which Mr. Keylon is very happy to be teaching! This website will keep you up to date on important events going on at Lake City and some events that you can go to outside of our school too. We will also try to tell you some interesting things that go on around you at school, which you may not know about.  This week (9/2-9/7) is already packed full of things to go and do; There was a volleyball game Tuesday(9/2), the first home football game is Friday(9/5) 7PM-9PM , we also have our first dance called Rage in the Cage coming up Friday(9/5) 8PM-10:30PM, Student Counsel elections for Freshman will be held on Friday(9/5) in the morning, and there are practices going on every day after school.

For the entire incoming Freshman don’t be too overwhelmed, Lake City is a great place to be at and we treat everyone like family. Plus, it’s only your first year out of four, trust me it gets easier.

If anyone has any questions about something that’s coming up don’t be hesitant to comment on our site or go ask a teacher. Also, schedule changes will be after school from 2:30PM-7PM Tuesday(9/2), Wednesday(9/3) and Thursday(9/4).

I hope you all have a great school year this year!