Ashley Smith (14-15) S1


My interview was done with Ashley Smith, she applied for the position Editor-In-Chief and in my opinion she is very qualified for the job, given her experience already in journalism. Ashley is very involved at Lake City, she does journalism, mentoring, rock climbing club, environmental club, DECA, and loves to go to the football games and wrestling meets. She has also had a job at Dominos for a year in a January. Ashley has one dog, Duke, and three cats, Tinsel, Onni, and Seattle. She likes cats because they’re playful and cute. She also has a pretty big family, including five siblings and her dad is a teacher at CHS. She wants to attend college at Pepperdine University in California or go to a local college when she’s done with NIC. She is currently dual enrolled at NIC and plans to graduate with her Associates of Science and her diploma. Ashley is also a dual citizen of the USA and Finland, and last spring she was very lucky to go with her grandparents to visit her second home. Her middle name is Leijona which is a finnish word for female lion, and her cats name is Onni which is finnish for happiness and luck. She loves every color and is very creative. She is awesome.