Isabel Hinkle (14-15) S1


Izzy Hinkle is a sophomore here at Lake City High school. Her favorite part about the school are the teachers who work here. The downside of school for her is people who think they are better than everyone else. Izzy’s best friend is Cassie Olier, they have a lot in common and they are easy to relate to each other. Art is her favorite subject because she has always been good at drawing and Ms. Asher makes it fun. Her least favorite has to be science because she feels like there is no real need to learn it. She would describe herself as a spontaneous, weird and humorous person. Izzy plans on going to college at Boise State University and plans on being a child psychologist when she’s older. This year her favorite teacher is Mr. Keylon because he’s really cool and her all time favorite teacher here at Lake City High School is Ms. Vining because she finds it to be a very fun class, and she thinks Ms. Vining a great teacher. Izzy’s favorite food is fettuccine alfredo because you can add stuff to spice it up, and she loves when her mom makes it. She used to be in drama club but currently volunteers at CDA 4 Kids at Fernan Elementary School.