Stella Kirsch-DiGiovanni (14-15) S1


Stella Blue Kirsch is a 15 year old 10th grader here at Lake City High School. She was born on January 31st and was raised here in North Idaho with her two younger sisters and their pet tortoise. Stella’s favorite thing about herself is her ability to sleep so long. She could sleep for 15 hours straight, wake up for half the day, and then sleep another 12 hours through the night. She really enjoys sleeping. Fall is Stella’s favorite season because the weather isn’t too cold or too hot for her. She also really likes all the of the colors associated with the Fall season. One goal that Stella wishes to accomplish this school year is to get and maintain a GPA of 4.0. Stella is really big on focusing on school and getting good grades. Getting good grades can lead to getting into good colleges and that is a very important thing to Stella. She wants to attend the University of Washington and go into the medical program there, so maintaining a 4.0 would be a great thing for her to accomplish.