Wyatt Weller (14-15) S1


Wyatt Weller was born in Colfax, Washington on February 6th, 1997. His zodiac sign is an aquarius and he loves being in the water, coincidence? He has two sisters and two brothers. and is a senior this year. Wyatt has had two jobs, the first of which was at McDonald’s and was he was there for about six months. His current job is at Little Caesars and he’s only been there for a little while now. Although, his favorite food isn’t burgers or pizza it happens to be chicken enchiladas. Wyatt has one animal which is a weiner dog whose name is Jethro and he doesn’t have any known allergies. Wyatt’s favorite color is maroon. I asked Wyatt why he wanted to be in Journalism and he told me that it’s because he loves writing and really enjoys reading stories. It may be his last year at Lake City but there is always something new to try and he decided to join our wonderful class. Wyatt has traveled within the United States and has also been to our neighbors up Northern Canada. This upcoming spring break he is going to be going to Paris and London. Luckily, Wyatt isn’t new to flying and his dad actually flies planes so when Wyatt was younger he got to be in a smaller plane in Santa Barbara. When I asked Wyatt if he had any pet peeves and he said that he really can’t stand dumb drivers. So don’t be going under the speed limit or stopping out of nowhere when Wyatt’s around.