Emily Dupree (14-15) S1


Emily Dupree, a 16 year old student at Lake City High School, was born in Spokane, Washington along with five sisters! Her mother always wanted a daughter named Emily and she got just what she wanted. Dupree is in Journalism because she is interested in it and her family believes she would be good at it due to how often she writes in her freetime. Other than writing, Dupree enjoys mentoring, watching TV and movies, and being involved with the art of making movies. She enjoys the art of making movies so much that in the future she wishes to be a director/producer/screenwriter. Dupree idols an individual almost as unique as she is, which is her friend. She claims that he is all about fairness, prefers the right over the wrong, self corrects, is a great listener, a problem solver and a good person to look up to. She listens to quite the variety of music ranging from anything except for rap, country, pop or most anything played on popular radio stations and she prefers slower pace songs that do not make her feel angry.