Mikayla Rouse (14-15) S1


Mikayla Rouse, born on May 17, 1999, is a sophomore here at the great Lake City High School, and is regarded an important part of the Journalism team. As outgoing as Mikayla is, it is surprising that she does not participate in any sports, although she is an avid fan of soccer and volleyball. Outside her interest in sports, she is also very enamored with music. Mikayla’s unknown talent is singing and songwriting. This budding writer also enjoys English and Creative Writing. Mikayla has lived right here in Coeur d’Alene her whole life, but has loved traveling to Canada, eh! Mikayla prefers to stay at home, and though she doesn’t go to many school events, she does enjoy Homecoming. Mikayla considers herself to have a sweet tooth, and especially likes chocolate cake. Mikayla is sure to be a unique addition to our team.