This is for all you bookworms out there or whoever is interested in knowing what’s burning a hole in your bookmarks; here are the hottest books so far in 2014. “The Fault in our Stars”, or now commonly known as “TFIOS”, this movie has everyone all over the world crazy and due to its huge success in the theaters, it has shed light toward the originally geniously made book. To this day, it has sold over 10.7 million copies and counting. For those who haven’t read or seen the movie, (spoiler alert) it’s about two teenagers who have fallen in love despite their circumstances making it seemingly more important and cherishable. These two characters both have inabilities which limit them, Augustus missing a leg, and Hazel having cancer. This is a beautiful story of hope, love, and contentment that makes us all love life a little more.


“Divergent, -tending to be different or develop in different directions”, you’ve heard the name, now the definition; the movie also bought this book a ton of more hits. This book came out in 2011, but hasn’t reached up at the top of the charts till now. A basic summary on the story happens to take place in post-apocalyptic Chicago, where everyone is divided into factions depicting what their jobs were and what they would live their life out doing. There were people who have been “divergent”, where they contain a little bit of everything, who were deemed too dangerous to be in a faction, or they didn’t trust them and so they feared the unknown. Beatrice chose dauntless after her test because she thought she would fit in their the most, the rest of the movie is her struggle to fit in and uncover the truth and in a way, save the world. You’ll have to read the rest to find out.

Good luck and good reading, if you liked that, there will be surely more to come. Stay classy Lake City.