Homecoming 2014-2015


New York Lights was the theme of this year’s homecoming dance. There were many creative ways some guys asked girls, for example: putting the question on volleyballs, painting car windows, and people going in groups to have a night to remember. Katherine Devlin was asked by Connor Robertson using a cheesy saying with a stuffed animal bear, which read, “It would make me ‘bear’-y happy if you would go to the homecoming dance with me…?”.

“I’m really excited to be going to homecoming this year. Last year was great but this one was better!” said Katherine. The commons were decorated with large black sheets of paper painted to look like buildings in New York. There were lights hung up on the railings and the hallway where people were walking into the commons area.

When asked, Kattie Whitcomb, a student here at Lake City, said “I thought it was really fun, I liked how long it was and the music was really good”. The dance started at 7:00 on Saturday night and lasted until 10:00.

“Homecoming is only fun if you make it fun. You have to get out of your shell a little, but once you do that, it’s such a great experience!” Zach Weadick says. Not only did students show up but there were many teachers who volunteered to chaperone the dance. Ms. Clark was in attendance and she made sure everything was running smoothly so nothing would go wrong. Throughout the dance there was a photo booth where students could dress up and take pictures to remember the night forever.