Under Appreciation of LCHS Band


Photo from: Hannah Bales

The Lake City High School band is full of talented high school kids that work hard to play their instruments well at the football and basketball games. However, through all of their hard work, they feel they are unappreciated. Some even feel that more of the staff go to the sporting events and not the band concerts. They say they’re having to work for their money and that they have also gotten a budget cut. The Band does a lot for the school, and that includes helping the cheerleaders get the crowd pumped up during the games, participate in school parades, and if our school goes to state, the band travels with them. They feel nobody says anything about them despite their hard work.

I sat down with a couple of the band members to ask them what we can do to make them feel appreciated. “If people gave us a little more attention and respect for how much we practice, i think we would feel a little more appreciated.” Arielle says. Next, I went to Lily to get  her opinion too. She says, “We do a lot for the school, including playing the music the cheerleaders do their dance routines to, but we arent getting any of the credit. If people gave us more credit than we do now, I would feel more appreciated for my hardwork.” Kennedy is a band member and also an orchestra member and she said, “People think that only the sports matter, but we are there too and we help with adding excitement, so if people acknowledged our existence and hard work, I would think that we would be more appreciated.”In short, they all want the attention they feel they deserved.