Music and Motivation

Music and Motivation

Photo from: Bailey Camp

Bailey Camp, Health Editor

I don’t know if you are like me but if you are then you must love music. Honestly, I can’t go one day without listening to music. If I don’t have my music, I usually sit down and read! I realized that I had a change in personality when listening to music. When I listen to motivational, upbeat music I will get up and clean or even walk around the park in my neighborhood.

Realizing this I put down my books and started walking with upbeat energetic music playing. I kept beat with the music. I walked to the beat of my music. When I would come home I would turn on some slow, calming music to relax. Not only is music motivating, but it can have an affect on on emotions.

Songs like One Day by Macklemore can make you feel happy. Studies found that students that listen to music while doing their work actually got their work done faster.

I believe one reason is that because we are not distracted. If you feel the same way, then comment below.