What are you doing this Fall?

Claire Jensen, Staff Writer

Halloween is only a week away, Lake City! What will you be doing on Friday, October 31st this year? Many students here have been going to the local amusement park, Silverwood, for the annual Scarywood theme. Scarywood has many different attractions including roller coasters, a variety of different rides, haunted houses, games, and a lot more! They are open Thursday through Saturday, and it is only open for three more nights, so if you’re interested in going, go now! Tickets range from $20.99 to $39.99, depending on the night.

“I loved Scarywood this year. It was so much better than last year, I cant wait to see what they have planned for next year!” junior Alyssa Shennar stated. Do you think you’re too old to dress up or are you going to let your inner kid out and go all out with your costume? Are you going out trick-or-treating, staying home handing out candy, or will you be going out with some friends?

Another popular attraction students and their families will go to is GreenBluff. GreenBluff is 15 miles out of Spokane, Washington and it consists of two different loops of farms. There are many different things you can do there: you can pick fruits and vegetables, browse antiques, visit wineries, and even go to an alpaca ranch. Each different farm is run independently with their own schedule with hours and events. You can learn more at about these activities at http://www.greenbluffgrowers.com/index.html .

Have a great fall, Lake City!