Annabelle Movie

Tylor Sellers, Staff Writer

Annabelle is a movie that follows the Hudson family in early 1970’s Santa Monica, California and shows the tragic events after the family comes in contact with a doll who later becomes possessed. Mia Gordon, played by actress Annabelle Wallis, is a young woman, who is pregnant with her daughter, Lea. Her husband John Gordon, played by Ward Horton, brings her home a doll that she had been looking extensively for. Later that night while John and Mia Gordon are sleeping, they are awoken by what appears to be a murder happening next door at their neighbors house, the Higgins, played by Brian Howe and Kerry O’Malley. Mia sends John over to investigate it and he returns out of the house telling Mia to call the cops. When Mia goes to call the cops she is confronted by the Higgins’ daughter, Annabelle and her boyfriend. Mia ends up getting stabbed by Annabelle who goes and locks herself in the room where Mia’s doll is, and the police eventually arrive and shoot the boyfriend. The police find  Annabelle dead from an apparent suicide with Mia’s doll in her arms. That’s when all the trouble begins.  The movie is followed by scenes of suspense and demonic occurrences. Robert Abele from the Los Angeles times was quoted saying,“Annabelle” works enough devil figurine juju to make for a modestly hair-raising prequel to the more satisfying scares of its predecessor, “The Conjuring.”’, while Kyle Anderson from Entertainment Weekly was quoted saying “For a superior experience, go buy a disturbing-looking doll that says ”Don’t go see Annabelle” when you pull its string.”