How Necessary is College?

Hannah Bales, Photo/Video Editor

Decisions, decisions. Living under the daily pressures of being a teenager can be hard enough, and adding a life-changing choice on top of that can cause some of us to explode under the pressure. This article can hopefully help you with your deciphering, whether your parents are already stressing you to go, you aren’t aware of the other options, or you just don’t know which direction you want your life to head.

I think college is necessary if you want to pursue a certain career when you’re older that requires a college degree. I believe college is an important part of growing up. There are many, many opportunities on a college campus, whether they have to do with a profession, a club, or even just making tons of friends. College opens doors to the unimaginable, and the second you step through one of those doors is the second your life can change. On a college campus, there is a sense of community, freedom, and a feeling of being part of something. People are not only exposed to educational opportunities, but also to social opportunities, opportunities to make loads of memories and meet people that will stay with you for the rest of your life. College is an experience like no other, but it’s not for everyone.

There are, of course, many other paths your life can take. The military, for example, is an alternative to college that is just as rewarding. You can also get into a trade school. Trade schools offer specific training for a huge variety of skilled careers. There are tons and tons of people that work in skilled labor jobs. You could also start a business. This could be difficult without certain degrees or knowledge you get from going to college, but it is definitely possible if you really want to pursue it.

Choosing whether to go to college or not is an important decision in life. Doubts will always swim around in your head no matter what you choose to do, but trusting yourself and putting your heart into whatever you decide to do is the most important thing to ensure that you go far.