Is Technology Taking Over?

Hailey McCormick, Student Life/Opinion Editor

Are kids becoming too dependent on technology? Not only is it available to kids when they’re at home, but it’s also available to them pretty much wherever they go nowadays. Friends’ houses, schools, and even restaurants are now providing free wi-fi, adding to the dependency on technology. Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools are starting to adapt their curriculum to the students’ use of computers, ipads, tablets, and many other devices that were much less abundant in the past. “No matter how ‘smart’ a product or computer program is, it can’t compare to the knowledge and life experience that a teacher brings into the classroom. A teacher can use this background to help the student make real-world connections and see a subject from a different perspective,” says Sue Scheff on her blog post about where she thinks education will be in 20 years. If you would like to read more from Sue Scheff, here’s a link to her blog:

With the use of technology becoming more and more prevalent in the schooling environment, the number of teachers actually needed in a classroom will start to dwindle down. Computers and iPads could take over their place as a “teacher.” Students would no longer get the teacher-to-student experience to learn new things, meaning they would have to learn everything from a screen. Yes, the school days would potentially be cut down to lesser hours, but that wouldn’t help the fact that students are sitting in front of computer screens for those hours. Schools should pay more attention to what the students want, and what will benefit them in the long run, rather than deciding these things based off of what is in the “now.” Nothing lasts forever, and the use of technology could disappear at any time.