Lake City Excited for Spike ‘n Stuff

Kacey Bates, Social Media Editor

Lake City is hosting its third annual co-ed volleyball tournament, Spike ‘n Stuff. It will be held Wednesday, November 12th, and the first game starts at 7pm. If you are interested in coming to watch or support your friends who are participating, the cost to get in will be $2.00. If you bring a can of food to donate to the food bank, the cost will only be $1.00.

If you are going to participate this year, remember that each team must have at least six players, including three boys and three girls. Additional players may be added. Unfortunately for those who haven’t registered yet, registration for Spike ‘n Stuff ended November 4th.

Many people are excited for Spike ‘n Stuff this year. I asked Paisley Larsen, who is competing for her second time this year, for her opinion and she responded, “I’m excited to play again this year! I love the people on my team and I think we are going to do really well.” Stella Kirsch-DiGiovanni, who is going to support her friends at Spike ‘n Stuff,  added, “I’m really excited to go and watch my friend Kacey do super well in Spike ‘n Stuff this year.” Spike ‘n Stuff is going to be great, so come support your friends or come and play!