New Movies in November

Araceli Barron, Staff Writer

Interstellar Rated PG-13:

Do you ever wonder if there is life out there beyond our galaxy? In “Interstellar” a group of explorers travel deeper into space than anyone has  before where they discover new lands, climates, and new dangers. They must survive in a wormhole with no way out and no available contact to Earth. Find out if they survive on November 7th.

1interPhoto from: IMDB’s website

Dumb and Dumber 2  Rated PG-13:

Did you like the prequel to this hilarious tale of two friends? Well if so then you will love its sequel. This one is about our beloved characters Lloyd and Harry who try to find one of their lost children to reunite with her so they can get a new kidney. See them ride in a truck that looks like a dog and witness this funny journey with our favorites on November 14.

2dumbdumberPhoto from: IMDB’s website

Beyond the Lights Rated PG-13:

Have you ever felt like the real you is hiding deep inside and you can’t let it out because you are doing what everyone tells you to do? “Beyond the Lights” is about a girl named Noni who has an incredible voice, but is being pressured by fame. That’s when she meets Officer Kaz Nical, who teaches her not to let people control her. Together, they learn to speak out. You can go see it on November 14.

3blPhoto from: IMDB’s website

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Rated PG-13:

Remember the last two movies? You can see “Mockingjay Part one on November 21. Katniss is in District 13, the district that everyone thought was destroyed. She is under the leadership of President Coin and advised by her trusted friends where she has to try to save Peeta and the nation who sees her as their hope. Join Katniss as she learns to be the Mockingjay that the people need.