The Simpsons

Mikayla Rouse, A&E Editor


“The Simpsons” is an adult animated comedy show that was created by Matt Groening. which depicts the lives of a middle class family in america that consists of the dad, Homer, the mom, Marge, and their three kids Maggie, Lisa, and Bart. Groening said, ”When I came up with The Simpsons, that was a very deliberate attempt to follow in the footsteps of Walt Disney. For instance, I made Bart like Mickey Mouse in the sense that he would always be recognisable in silhouette.”

The show setting is in the fictional town of Springfield and it parodies things that happen in our lives such as our culture and society. “The Simpsons” first aired on December 17, 1989. Since its original air date, it has broadcasted 557 episodes and the 26th season started in September 2014. It has become the longest running animated series, and it surpassed the western television show “Gunsmoke” in 2009. It has won many awards since its debut including 31 Primetime Emmy awards, 30 Annie awards, and a Peabody award.

“The Simpsons” started out as animated shorts that starred on “The Tracy Ullman Show” on April 19, 1987. Originally, Groening had intended to use an animated version of his “My Life In Hell” series which he ultimately decided not to, and instead created the dysfunctional family we know and love today.