Food Drive

Makala Vincent, Sports Editor

The LCHS Food Drive begins Monday, November 17 and ends on Tuesday, November 25th. The Food Drive is there to help families in need. For six school days, classes will be asked (not required) to donate items to the food drive for the following days. These days include Money Monday, Turkey Tuesdays, Keep Warm Wednesdays, Cell Phone Thursdays, and Food Friday. These days are pretty self-explanatory. Monday, money can be donated. Because Thanksgiving is coming up, Turkeys will be accepted for Turkey Tuesday. On Keep Warm Wednesday you can donate sweaters, jackets, pants, etc. On Cell phone Thursday, you can donate an electronic device that you no longer want or use, last but not least is Friday; you donate canned or boxed food. Again, students are not required to donate any of the above, but all items donated will go to families in need!