Walking, Talking, and Dying

Nathaniel Sakwi, Staff Writer

     “The Walking Dead” is a popular show on American Movie Classics otherwise known as AMC, currently and always is surprising us. The Walking Dead, otherwise known as TWD for abbreviations, is a TV show that has taken over most televisions and has found a way to “Eat our brains”. TWD was originally a comic book, written by Robert Kirkman, an ongoing story about our post apocalyptic world currently sitting at 133 issues and still more to come. TWD tells a story about a small group of survivors living in the zombie apocalypse. They go through the struggles of fighting zombies and humans trying to survive in the same corrupted world. Surviving in a zombie apocalypse kinda gives us a view of how things would look like, despite being entirely fictional, it’s our gateway to see our world as a mass zombie battlefield. There is a total of 5 seasons of “The Walking Dead”, and they have recently announced with the premiere of season 5 that they will be making a season 6. Shows like this have gained lots of popularity, reached the top of the tv charts, and because of being so “mainstream”, some people really hate it while others really love it. TWD airs every Sunday at 9:00 pm pacific time on the channel AMC; so if you walkers are interested in joining the undead, turn on some Netflix, grab something to hold onto, and eat away your friends and family as you ride this emotional and dramatic roller coaster.