Divergent Movie Night

Wyatt Weller, Staff Writer

Hello, Lake City students! Are you interested in watching a super cool science fiction/fantasy movie here at Lake City? If you are, then you’re just in luck because this Thursday, November 20th at 7P.M. in the auditorium, we are having a screening of the movie Divergent for all to see. The price for admission is only a $3 donation and the concession stand will be open in the commons during the movie. So what is this movie about, you ask? Divergent is a movie about a world divided by factions based on virtues, meaning citizens’ jobs and who they are going to be paired with are categorized by how and what they think and feel. The main character is “Divergent,” which means she’s different and will not fit in the world she lives in, so she and the other Divergents must find out why they are dangerous to the system–before its too late.