First Snow Of The Year


Photo from: Kacey Bates

Kacey Bates, Social Media Editor

kaceyweatherPhoto from: The Weather Channel

We all imagine waking up on Christmas morning with a white blanket blanket  of snow covering the ground, but what are students thinking about snow before Thanksgiving?

On the morning of November 20th we all woke up with different feelings about what we thought of the first snow of the year. Some were ecstatic, and some not so much. I asked Tre Lewis what his opinion was on the first snow of the year, and he said, “ I was really disappointed to wake up and see all the snow on the ground”. A lot of students might agree with Lewis, but some might not. Like Hannah Bales, who said, “ I really enjoy the snow, and I’m excited because it means that snowboarding season is here!” With this early snow it may excite some students, and it might also disappoint others.

A lot of students are curious to know if the snow is going to stay or if its going to snow more this week. According to The Weather Channel it is suppose to warm up the rest of the week, with a 70% chance of showers on Sunday. So most likely there’s not going to anymore snow this week, but soon it might just be covered with the white blanket some of us look forward to.