Lake City Book Drive

Simon Nilges, Copy Editor

LCHS is holding a book drive in order to give children in our district the opportunity to read. Some families of students of elementary school age are in a crippling financial situation and cannot afford to buy books for their kids. The fact that elementary students want to read in school and can’t do so because of financial trouble is very saddening. That is where Lake City’s Book Drive comes in.

With this book drive, schools will receive books for children that desire to use them.

“I think that it is amazing that we can give the gift of literature to those that cannot afford to buy books,”says Bailey Camp, a Children’s Village employee.

The process of donating books is quite simple. Find or buy any used books for kindergarten to third grade level and turn them into your B6 period. A student representative will come in every class period to collect the books. Since this drive is limited to students at LCHS only, it is encouraged for students to ask friends and family members to give them books to donate as well What’s more, the B6 class that donates the most books will win a pizza party!

For more information about the drive, go to the LCHS Website.