Why Should You Buy A Yearbook?

Why Should You Buy A Yearbook?

Photo from: LCHS Website

Kacey Bates, Social Media Editor

You’re only in high school once, so why risk forgetting the memories you made while you were there? A yearbook is supposed to help remind you, in the future, of the great times you had in past. There are so many perks about buying a Lake City High School yearbook this year, such as; the price, quality, and the effort that the yearbook staff has put into it this year.

Wondering how you can order a yearbook this year? You have two options: you can either go down to the office or you can purchase one online here. The last possible date to purchase a yearbook is December 12th, and no extra yearbooks will be ordered this year. Yearbooks are something you hold onto for the rest of your life, and that’s why paying the sixty dollars is worth it.

I talked to Mr. Keylon about his yearbooks from high school, and he told me a story about how he lent his senior yearbook out to someone in college and never got it returned to him. He described it as a disappointing situation. Keylon also mentioned how he still has his yearbooks from his freshman through junior years, but at the moment they’re in a box collecting dust. This should be a reminder to the seniors that this is the most important year to buy a yearbook.

For everyone who is contemplating buying a yearbook this year, don’t forget that it will be something you’ll hold onto for the rest of your lives, and something to help to regain the memories you made in high school.