Fight for the Fish Spirit Days

Fight for the Fish Spirit Days

Photo from: Hannah Bales

Araceli Barron, Staff Writer

Fight for the Fish is almost here, so it’s time to break out the spirit wear once again. The Fight for the Fish spirit week starts on January 12th-16th. The game is the 16th, which is a Friday. Come and support your fellow Timberwolves, and let’s keep the Fish at home again this year!

Fight for The Fish spirit week starts on January 12th. Dig out your old sporty gear for “Sports Day!” You can wear your favorite Qdtfootball, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball team jerseys, plus anything else you can think of. You can wear a uniform as long it follows the dress code, or you can try to look sporty while wearing workout clothes.


January 13th is “Tacky Tourist Day.” Come to school looking like a tacky tourist–we’ve all seen them–bdf
wearing Hawaiian shirts, sun hats, cameras around their necks, and sunscreen.


The 14th is “Alphabet Day.” Take the first letter of your name and dress in something that starts with it. For


Example, if you have a name that starts with

“A,” you can dress like an apple or an apprentice from the Medieval times.


The 15th is “Good versus Evil Day.” Seniors are  supposed to wear anything that makes them look evil, such as a dark cloak, somennnn

scary makeup, or even an evil villain costume from a movie, game, or book. Students in grades 9 through

11 should wear anything that makes them look good. You can wear an angel outfit

or be a hero from a game, movie, or book.


On the 16th, everyone should wear navy blue, teal, and silver LCHS colors for “Spirit Day.” You can  wear any LCHS clothing or the school colors on Friday. There will the Fight for the Fish Assembly that day, so come prepared to show your school spirit!

All photos from: Wikimedia Under the Creative Commons License